Arts & Culture

Embark on pulse-quickening adventures and sports in Kenya, from conquering challenging terrains to experiencing
adrenaline-fueled escapades, where the spirit of exploration knows no bounds

Kazuri Beads Factory Tour

Explore Kenya's rich history and art at the Nairobi National Museum, a treasure trove of cultural and historical artefacts.

Kuona Arts

Immerse yourself in contemporary Kenyan art at Kuona, a vibrant hub for artists and art lovers alike, where local artists' creativity comes to life.

Pottery class

Unleash your creativity with pottery classes at the Nairobi Arts Center, a hands-on experience where you can learn the art of pottery, shape clay, and create your own unique pieces, all set in Nairobi's vibrant arts scene


The ideal culture & Heritage destination

Kenya is the ideal destination for Culture and Heritage as it offers a
rich mosaic of ethnicities and traditions, showcasing a fascinating
blend of ancient practices and modern expressions. From its vibrant
festivals and unique culinary experiences to its deep-rooted tribal
customs and historical sites, Kenya provides an immersive journey
through the colorful tapestry of African culture and heritage.

Traditional Experiences

Explore Traditional Experiences in Kenya, where you can immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of local customs, crafts, and
age-old practices that define Kenyan identity.

Mijikenda Kaya

Wander through the sacred Mijikenda Kaya Forests, ancient forested sites rich in spiritual and cultural history.

Akamba Handicraft

Visit the Akamba Handicraft Market, a hub for traditional Kenyan crafts, where intricate wood carvings and beadwork tell stories of culture.

Samburu Cultural Tour

Explore the unique traditions of the Samburu people, known for their colorful attire, pastoral lifestyle, and folk stories

snake park
& Aquarium

Located in the Nairobi Museum, discover
where fascinating reptiles and marine life
come together in an educational and
thrilling experience.


Savor the diverse flavors of Kenya through its Cuisine, a delightful journey through culinary traditions that blend local
ingredients with a fusion of cultural influences.
Taste the flavors of Kenya on a Nairobi food tour, exploring local markets and savoring traditional dishes from street food to gourmet.
Learn the art of Swahili cooking in Lamu with a hands-on class, preparing and enjoying dishes rich in spices and coastal flavours.
Discover Kenya’s tea heritage on a plantation tour, experiencing the journey from leaf to cup, followed by a delicious farm-to-table lunch in the country’s highlands.

Festivals & Nightlife

Experience the lively spirit of Kenya, from exuberant cultural celebrations and music festivals to vibrant night scenes and
beach parties.
Immerse yourself in Gondwana, a magical festival
experience blending electronic music, art, and nature in
Kenya’s scenic landscapes.

Enjoy a cold one, listening to a vibrant live band under the iconic K1 Klub House umbrella roof.

Step into Beneath the Baobabs, an
enchanting festival set among ancient
baobab trees, featuring diverse music, art
installations, and nature walks.
Enjoy a day of music, art, and culinary delights at
Blankets & Wine Festival, a premier event
showcasing contemporary African talent and